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[OSEN=박현민 기자] Boy band Big Bang’s lead singer G-Dragon, who has been selected as the best style icon of the year, announced surprising news that Big Bang has a plan to come back in a new unit next year.

G-Dragon was awarded “STYLE ICON OF THE YEAR”, which is equivalent to the s grand prize of 2013 Style Icon Awards (“2013 SIA”), an event that was held in the afternoon of the 24 at CJ E&M Center located in Sangam-dong, Seoul.

Then, G-Dragon met reporters at the press room and expressed his humble impressions, saying “I was lucky. I think it’s thanks to many people who liked that I’ve actively performing this year.”

To a question about his future plans, G-Dragon answered “Big Bang holds six dome tour concert in Japan from November and even though I can’t tell you about the details, a new duo unit of Big Bang will come back next year. We will show you different performances, so please have interest in that.”, surprising the audience.

Plus, to the question about what he thinks of the fact that his fashion is drawing more attention than his music, he answered “That’s a little unfortunate for me, but if people think it is like that, that’s it. Frankly, I pay more attention to my music, but my fashion style is catching more eyes. It’s not bad, but I’ll make more efforts so that my music can draw more attention.”

Then, he wrapped up the meeting by saying “This is my first time to this awards and thank you for giving me this great prize. In the years to come, I’ll keep doing my best to present you good music. I’ll live up to your expectations.”

Meanwhile, Style Icon Awards is the only style awards in Korea, where figures who have won the minds of the public and changed their lifestyle in a variety of fields including broadcasting, pop music, fashion, and art, are selected as awardees. 10 stars including actress Gong Hyo Jin, actor Yeo Jin Goo, actor Lee Jong Suk, actor Jung Woo Sung, girl band SISTAR, Big Bang’s G-Dragon, Dynamic Duo, comedian Shin Dong Yup, actress Tilda Swinton have been selected as “10 icons” of this year.

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